3 All-Time First Person Shooting Games To Try Today

Who doesn’t love first-person shooting games? It’s the most popular video game genres for decades now. I wouldn’t be surprised how studios chunk out numerous bestselling titles every year. These games let players experience the thrill of going into war with each other. It’s equally exciting as with playing paintball game but without the need to invest in costly paintball gears like the ones you’ll see here at Your Paintball Help.

First-person shooter has been around for decades now but its history stretches back to the heydays of 8-bit gaming. And based on the positive sales trends, we’ll likely see more of these games in the future.

Below we’ve come up with three of the top selling first-person shooting games of all time. Read on to see if your favorite FPS game landed in our short list.

  1. The Call of Duty Series

The behemoth in the first-person shooters genre, The Call of Duty Series is perhaps the most popular of all these games. This game series seem not dying anytime soon. It has evolved through the years and has hopped between many times – from the World War II genre to the modern times. Each new series has a unique, bombastic campaign that looks like being drawn from a Hollywood action flick.

To date, this FPS game has sold over 191 million units. It has since released 8 installment and we anticipate new exciting follow-ups, coming from the three development teams.

  1. Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is not really a first-person shooter game but it has outsold other modern shooter game in the market. It has done so by coming in tandem with a highly popular Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s a simple point-and-shoot game. Use the light gun peripheral to shoot the moving targets (there are clay pigeons and ducks). Although Super Mario still is the king of Nintendo, Duck Hunt has arguably carved a name for itself in the gaming history.

Through its long lifetime, Duck Hunt has sold an impressive 28.31 million units. It truly deserves the second spot in this list of popular all time shooters.

  1. The Battlefield Series

With 11 installments under its belt, the Battlefield series do belong in this list of all time shooter games. The game has an impressive visual and gameplay that is set in different time periods and wars. Developers spend a good time creating sprawling multiplayer maps plus a focus on vehicles. Hop from behind the tank to the helicopter to a bomber plane. It’s surely a riveting game and is a major moneymaker for Electronic Arts. Life-like action scenes also abound. After an hour of playing this videogame, you might want to hit the ground, look for paintball masks and reviews, and try real life paintball shooting.

The Battlefield series has since sold a total of 36 million copies – and that’s not entirely surprising. This is one of the best, action-packed first person shooting game ever released. It vividly illustrates the gore and thrill of war.

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