Comparing Playstation Models

Sony’s Playstation has only one competitor: the Microsoft Xbox. It takes a lot to be one of the top two video game consoles in the world… But Playstation had quite a few models to tweak before they made one that truly stood up to the test of time. They had some good, some bad… So I am going to walk through each Playstation model and the good and bad sides of each!


Sadly, the PS1 has not stood the test of time very well. There were a few Kingdom Hearts games for it, the first Star Wars Battlefront, and a few other titles, but it does not weather very well now. The problem is that its graphics try to be HD, so it does not have the appeal of retro Nintendo consoles or the “almost modern” graphics of the PS2 or Xbox… It falls at a sad medium. It works ok for nostalgia, but not very well for anything else. I don’t recommend, sadly.


Now THIS console stands the test of time for me. I remember playing Star Wars games on this mostly… I spent hours playing Battlefront II and The Clone Wars on the couch while my dog play with his toys like the ones from Dogs Rant… Ah, those are good memories. The graphics on this console actually hold up rather well… They’re nothing like PS3 or PS4 graphics, but they still look nice in a slightly “oldish” way.


Sony’s attempt to capture some of the portable gaming market worked…. Well, how well you think it worked depends on your point of view. The main problem with the PSP wasn’t performance…. It looked beautiful, rendered games wonderfully, and had a very decent sound and video card! The problem was the price. It cost almost as much as a console, and for a portable system. It just didn’t go too well.


The PS3 was the first “high-competition” console released `to the public. It had several strong selling points; it had amazing graphics, it had an innovative new motion capture system, and most systems had a built-in Blu-Ray player. With the release of the PS4 the price has gone down quite a lot, but it’s still worth getting! It is very comparable to the Xbox 360… I’d recommend it to anyone!


And now for our most modern entry: the PS4! I love this console; it is lightning fast, the new games (Like Doom!) play smoothly and beautifully on it, and the built in Blu-Ray and 4K player just sweetens the deal even more! If you have the money, spring for this one!

If you love gaming as much as I do, get one of the ones I recommend! I still love to capture the nostalgia of gaming with my PSP, still riding in my car with my dog safely buckled in beside me. We’re having a blast, and you can too!

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